White Clouds Plate & Bowl Set

White Clouds Plate & Bowl Set


Colour: White

Material: Ceramic 

Dimensions (bowl) : 14.3cm diameter x 8cm high 

Dimensions (plate) : 21.3cm diameter x 2.3cm high


Neutral lovers, we've got you. This set has a white glaze that appears almost like watercolour in some parts where a barely perceptible pale pink base shines through. A neutral beige ring frames the plate and bowls and adds a bit of interest to an otherwise mostly white plate. 


Bowl has a rippled external texture for that handmade look. Size of this bowl is large and versatile enough for dishes like soups or noodles. 


Please expect every set to be unique and to have its own character in glazing. May have some imperfections that do not affect usage. 


Microwave, dishwasher and oven safe.