Terracotta Rim Ceramic Plate & Bowl Set

Terracotta Rim Ceramic Plate & Bowl Set


Colour: Off white speckle/ terracotta rim

Material: Ceramic with coloured glazing

Dimensions: plate - 20.5 cm diameter, 2.2 cm height

                          bowl - 12cm diameter, 4.5cm height


Are you a fan of the beige aesthetic? A fan of the neutral, nature inspired colours? This set has autumn vibes and we are just obsessed with the terracotta rim! This is the set that you can plate anything in and still have it look good because the colours are neutral, yet not boring. 


Please note that that plate size is smaller than standard dinner plate size. 


As these pieces are handmade, please expect every plate to be unique and to have its own character in glazing. May have some imperfections due to the handmade nature. 


Dishwasher safe.