Reusable Mesh Grocery Bag

Reusable Mesh Grocery Bag


Material: Unbleached cotton

Size: 23cm (handle drop), 30cm (bag length unstretched) x 38 cm (bag width unstretched)


FREE with purchase of $50 and above (don't add to cart, we'll send it out with your order), or $6 each. 


Reusable totes are simply the best. Scrunge them up (or fold them flat) and throw them into your other bags to always have one around to carry larger items!  We always keep one in our tiny bags. 


Fits over the shoulder (yes we made sure!), and not too big that touches the floor if you handcarry it (we're ~1.6m tall). Subtly branded with an embroidered logo on one side. 


Use it to carry basically anything - we promise it'll look good on you. Or, these bags can even be used in the kitchen to hang up your dry foods/ fruits. We promise again that it looks good ;)