Party Enamel Cups Set

Party Enamel Cups Set

$21.00 Regular Price
$17.80Sale Price

Colour: White with red, royal blue and light blue rim

Material: Enamel

Dimensions: 9cm diameter x 9.3cm high

Capacity: 300ml


Preparing for a sustainable party for your kids? Or nostalgic for an everlasting paper cup look? This set of enamel paper-cup lookalike cups in fun colours are just the thing! 


These also aren't your ordinary lightweight enamel cups - these are made with a thicker enamel and are more sturdy. You'll feel it when you hold it. 


Please note that these items are hand made and may have slight imperfections and discrepancies. 


Oven safe, induction/electric cooker safe, suitable to use on stove.  Dishwasher safe. Not microwave safe.